Get More People in Your Treatment Center Who You Can Help Recover From Addiction and Substance Abuse

Stop spending your valuable time trying to help people who don’t really want to recover. Get a digital marketing system that brings you more people who want your help.

Do You Run a Substance Abuse or Addiction Recovery Center?

We know not everyone who goes to a recovery center is there for the right reasons.

A lot of people in rehab don’t want to be there. You can only help those that do. Trying to treat people who should be fighting for their lives but instead are trying to use, hookup, and leave early, wastes your time and effort.

Some people get court-ordered into a program. Some come straight out of jail and are only there so they don’t HAVE to be in jail.

It’s a form of cheating the system.

Some people go to make someone else happy. A spouse, parents, boyfriends and girlfriends.

Is it safe to say that MOST that are court ordered fail the program? They aren’t there for the right reasons. They take nothing from the treatment and cause a lot of trouble.

Those who go for someone else don’t do much better. They might finish the program but their heart’s not in it. And most of them relapse soon after.

We specialize in helping your recovery center get more of your ideal clients.

We know you’re trying to make one of the roughest times in their lives as tolerable as possible.

We know you’re rooting for the ones who really want it because they really do deserve it.

  • The ones who will be your biggest advocate
  • The ones who go because they’re tired of the lies, running, crime, stealing, crying, and pain
  • The ones who go because THEY’RE DONE

Are you ready to start attracting more of your ideal clients to your recovery center?

Discover How to Increase Your Recovery Center Sales With a Free Competitor Analysis and Custom Marketing Action Plan

  • Find out what your biggest competitors are doing
  • Identify opportunities in your current marketing strategy

How does it work?

First, we’ll discuss your goals, and find out who your top competitors are. Then we’ll:

  • Review your website
  • Find out what your competitors are doing
  • Do a thorough inspection of your current online marketing strategy

We’ll use what we learn to identify the gaps in what you’re currently doing and develop a custom recovery center marketing action plan specifically for your business.

Other agencies charge $500 or more for this kind of business analysis and marketing action plan.

You’ll speak with the owner of the company, Paul Garcia, who will help you create a plan custom-tailored to your recovery center.

There’s no catch. This won’t be a veiled sales pitch. We know how debilitating and destructive substance abuse and addiction can be, and we know you’re helping save peoples’ lives.

We want to help as many recovery centers as possible help people recover from addiction and substance abuse.

There’s no obligation for you to hire us or to use any of our recovery marketing services.

WARNING: Before you claim your free competitor analysis and custom marketing action plan please understand that this is only for successful recovery centers generating at least $500K in revenue and committed to growing their business.